About the FOPL Regulations

All processed and packaged food products are classified into three categories viz., CATEGORY-I (Solid foods), CATEGORY-II (Liquid foods) and CATEGORY-III (Exempted from FOPNL). Any beverage/carbonated beverage without energy and/or sugar shall not be eligible for declaring Star Rating (INR).

Calculation of INR score and star rating is dependent on–

  1. Baseline points – which are calculated using 4 health risk increasing factors like energy, total sugars, saturated fat, and sodium for solid foods per 100g product, and using energy and total sugars for liquid foods per 100ml product.
  2. FVNLM points- which are calculated using percentage of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and millets. For Liquid foods only FV points to be considered and not NLM points.
  3. Protein and fibre points- which are calculated using protein and fibre amounts. For liquid foods only protein points to be considered and not fibre points.
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