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India’s 1st Digital
Food Labelling Solutions

Aggregated, One-Stop Food Labelling and Regulatory Compliance Platform that helps Food Businesses be Regulatory Compliant and Build Consumer Trust.

ISO 9001:2015 certified.
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Comprehensive Food Labelling Software
for Food Businesses

Fully customisable, ready-to-integrate Labelling Compliance solutions from analysis to print-ready label, for growing food businesses and enterprises

Menu Labelling for Fresh Food

100% FSSAI compliance for your Restaurants, Hotels and QSRs

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Global Exports Labelling

Packed Food Businesses exporting to Gulf, USA, UK, SE Asia, Indian Subcontinent

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Pre-Packed Food Labelling

Create your own Digital Food Labels with MeraQRCode

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Food Label Validation

100% FSSAI compliance for your artworks, including Legal Metrology and Plastic Waste Mgmt

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Front of Pack Labelling

Get started with Front of Pack Labelling compliance

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Lab Testing, Certifications, Audits

Services from our trusted partners

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FoLSol® by LabelBlind® is
India's 1st Aggregated, One-Stop Food Labelling and Regulatory Compliance Platform.

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