Mitigating Risks in Food (Mis)Labelling with India's 1st digital food labelling solution

Revolutionizing Food Labelling in India - Discover the digital solution for accurate food information & safety.

July 26, 2023

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In today's globalized food industry, mislabelling and food fraud have emerged as a significant concern that poses risks to consumers, businesses, and regulatory authorities.

Incorrect or misleading representation of food products, such as inaccurate ingredient lists and nutrition content, allergen declaration, or misrepresentation of the origin of the product, violation of legal metrology rules related to expiry dates, are a risk to consumer safety, regulatory compliance, business financials and brand reputation.

Critical Business Risks identified for Food Companies

Business Risk


1. Regulatory Non-Compliance

a) Statutory Fine

b) Legal Fees associated with consistent defaults

2. Packaging Cost

a) Packaging cost is est. ~10% of selling price.

b) Mislabelling can lead to scrap / write offs of expensive packaging material

3. Product Recall Cost

a) Sales Loss

b) Supply Chain costs for retailers, distributors

c) Cost of destroying or disposing of the recalled product

4. Investigation Cost

a) Mislabelling of products would lead to audit expenses of inventory, or expenses related to hiring a third-party to conduct an investigation.

5. Brand Reputation

The biggest risk is associated with;

a) Expenses incurred from trying to repair brand image.

b) Cost of losing trust of loyal consumers.

9 Questions You can Expect FoLSol® Digital Food Regulation and Labelling to Answer for You.

  • Can I get end-to-end guidance on Food Regulation and Labelling? Including, Nutrition Analysis, RDA%, Allergen Marking, FSSAI guidelines, Legal Metrology guidelines, Plastic Waste Management rules and Ready-for-Print labels in standard sizes.

  • Can I get 100% FSSAI Compliant Food Labelling done in 30 minutes?

  • Is my Labelling model approved as by FSSAI?

  • How can I do Food Labelling in a manner that is Quick, Accurate and with Lower Costs?

  • Can I get Nutrition Analysis for my Packed Food done based on its Ingredients, without going to a lab.

  • How can I cut 70% time of my Regulatory Affairs and QA teams engaged in Food Labelling?

  • How can Small, Mid-Sized Cos. without Regulatory Teams get 100% Compliant Food Labelling done without increasing overheads of manpower?

  • Can I get Ready-for-Print Labels for my Packed Food that I can Print on my Printer?

  • Can I get a food labelling model that does nutrition analysis in a continuous manner for product development, without extra costs?

How can FoLSol® Help You Master Food Regulation and Labelling Solutions for your Food Company?

13 undeniable benefits that ends your search for the most comprehensive food labelling solution;

  • FoLSol® software creates 100% FSSAI COMPLIANT FOOD LABEL


  • FoLSol® does FOOD CATEGORY-WISE LABELLING as per FSSAI product categorisation  

  • FoLSol® provides GUIDANCE ON LEGAL METROLOGY AND PLASTIC WASTE MANAGEMENT RULES –font sizes, date marking, MRP, Plastic Recycle symbols, other logos and symbols   


  • FoLSol® SAVES TIME (create a label in less than 30 minutes)

  • FoLSol® SAVES COST (50% less cost per label compared to manual charges)

  • FoLSol® is ACCURATE (standardized algorithms that create 100% compliant labels)

  • FoLSol® is your own data secured, DIGITAL LABEL LIBRARY


  • FoLSol® is DATA SECURED – latest AWS protocol, 2 factor OTP login

  • FoLSol® is SUBSCRIPTION BASED – flexible for you to edit labels, create labels, labels updated as per regulatory updates  


Which Food Businesses will Benefit from FoLSol® Digital Food Regulation and Labelling Solutions?

Small and Micro Enterprises in Packed Food Business

Medium to Large Enterprises in Packed Food Business

Entrepreneurs with limited range of products.

Small teams that need professional services

Dependent on consultants

Need their business to be regulation compliant

Seek to take their products to market quickly

Regulatory teams with large product portfolio

Need digitized solutions to save time, effort and enhance efficiency

Need their business to be regulation compliant

Need 100% Compliant FSSAI labels

Need 100% Compliant FSSAI labels

Nutrition Assessment of Products

Need Nutrition Assessment of Products

Use Standard pouches and packs - Need Food Labels in Ready-for-Print sizes that can be printed and pasted on packs

Ready to Integrate Labels in Pack Artworks

Record of Labels Created

Record of Labels Created

Saves Time

Saves Time (2 days vs 30 minutes)

Improves Cost Efficiency - 50% cost advantage compared to manual labelling

Saves Effort of Regulatory Teams

Strengthens Compliance

Improves Cost Efficiency

Strengthens Compliance

How does FoLSol® Digital Food Regulation and Labelling Solutions work?

FoLSol® Packed Food Labelling is modelled on a DIY (Do It Yourself) Principle.

What does that mean? It means that the FoLSol® software guides you, in a step-by-step approach, to create a 100% FSSAI compliant packed food label in less than 30 minutes.

  • Save Time (70% less time than manual efforts. Manual label creation in 2 days v/s FoLSol® label-creation in 30 minutes)

  • Save Cost (FoLSol® is ~50% less in cost compared to a manually done label)

  • High Accuracy

Top 5 features of FoLSol® that makes food labelling simple;

Label Maker

Users can create 100% FSSAI and Legal Metrology Compliant Food Label in just 8 steps.

STEP-1: Name of Food

  • Users are provided options under 15 Indian Food Categories (IFC)

  • Users can add their own food names too

  • Option provided to add Proprietary Food names

This step ensures:

  • Quantitative and Qualitative aspects of product specification

STEP-2: Ingredients

  • User is shown additives relevant for selected food category

  • Users can add ingredients and their quantities along with additives

  • Users can drag and drop ingredients and additives indicating descending value

This step ensures:

  • Ingredients of composite ingredients can be added along with percentages

  • Additives as per food category

STEP-3: Allergens

  • Users can indicate Veg and Non-Veg, Fortified, Organic nature of product

  • Users can choose Mandatory Allergens (direct or indirect) for declaration

  • Mandatory logos and symbols will be indicated accordingly

STEP-4: Nutrition Information (NI)

  • User can either select a recipe pre-created using the Nutritional Analysis tool

  • Users van also fill their own nutrition information

  • Mandatory and non-mandatory values is distinguished clearly

  • Options provided to select multiple consumer Target Group. RDA calculations on the NI Table will depend on TG selected.

This step ensures:

  • Serve size and no. of serve calculations

  • Per serve calculation based on 100g/ml values

  • %RDA per serve calculations

  • Automatically becomes non-mandatory for single ingredient product

  • 29 Non mandatory nutrients to select from

STEP-5: Manufacturer, Marketer, Packer, Consumer Care Details

  • User is allowed to pre-fill all addresses and License Numbers in the Business tab for subsequent use

  • With a click of a button, user can add mandatory addresses under Manufacturer, Marketer, Packer, Consumer Care heads

  • For storage instructions some common ones are given under dropdown

  • Other specific instructions can be added by the user, including uploading images

This step ensures:

  • Legal metrology guidelines like consumer care details

  • Other mandatory information like Manufacturer, Marketer, Packer details

STEP-6: Mandatory Declarations

  • Any product or ingredient specific declarations that need to be a part of the label. Just like additives, for this step too, category specific declarations are highlighted

This step ensures:

  • Mandatory declarations are added to inform the consumer of ingredients or product wherever applicable

  • Category specific mandatory declarations based on Food Name selection

STEP-7: Packaging

  • This step takes care of points from Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules

  • Presence of recycle logo

  • Name and registration number of packer

  • Declaration for multi-layer packaging

STEP-8: Guidelines on Legal Metrology and FSSAI

  • Offering guidelines on Date markings, MRP, USP on the final label at the point of printing

  • Additionally, the step also helps provide guidelines on font sizes of text - once the user fills in the pack and label dimensions the tool will suggest minimum text font sizes along with veg/non-veg logo dimensions needed for LM and FSSAI compliance

This step provides guidance on:

  • Principal Display Area (PDP) compliance - Every label must ensure font sizes as per its PDP for legibility

  • This step guides on the minimum font sizes for your label size and Logo dimensions for veg/non-veg sign

Ready for Print Labels with Print-a-Label

A feature built especially for Small and Micro Food Enterprises, that do not maintain heavy printing inventory. They prefer to use prefill SKU packs and apply labels to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • User can select labels created in the Label Maker section

  • User can select a pack dimension that is closest to their SKU – 9 different pack dimensions available for use.

  • Based on their selection a label dimension is suggested by the tool

  • For that suggested label dimension the user can select the orientation – vertical or horizontal

  • A ready-for-print label will be ready for this suggested label dimension with font and logo heights as per Legal Metrology and FSSAI requirement

  • User can print the labels using their own printers or

Mera QR Code

With this feature users can create QR Code enabled Digital Labels.

  • Mera QR Code allows Users to include comprehensive product details, like ingredients, product origin, stories of farmers and growers, sourcing, manufacturing, packing, sustainability initiatives, range of products, etc. This can be done with the support of text and images to share information in a transparent manner with consumers.

  • It is like a dedicated, customizable website for your products that can be promoted on social media

Advantages of Labelling Digitization

  • Time efficiency- The time and effort manual label creation takes can be reduced by digitization of the whole process.

  • Cost efficiency- FoLSol® caters to different types of users by providing starter, business or enterprise plans. All plans have different features and are tailor-made for various types of users. Thanks to these user-friendly subscription plans, users do not have to pay label by label.

  • Secured, cloud based service- With FoLSol®, users do not have to compromise on data security as there are features like 2- factor OTP log-in, cloud based digital software service and encryption to secure authentication and payment process.

  • Streamlining of Food Labelling Management- One account can give access to multiple team members with different roles.

Step into the world of efficiency and convenience by digitizing your food labelling process with FoLSol®.

About LabelBlind®

Established in 2018 and based in Mumbai, LabelBlind® specialises in the area of Digitising Food Labelling and Regulatory Compliance. FoLSol® by LabelBlind® presents India’s 1st Digital Food Labelling Solution. The SaaS platform supports Food Businesses to be Labelling Compliant and Build Consumer Trust. FoLSol® by LabelBlind® is designed to strengthen the food labelling ecosystem across a wide spectrum of services including, Packed Food Labelling, Menu Labelling, Exports Labelling, Nutraceuticals and Food Supplements Labelling and Labelling for Ecommerce players. FoLSol® Digital Food Labelling Solution is fast, accurate, and cost effective. The company is ISO9001 certified in its processes.

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Sonika Sharma (MSc Food & Nutrition)

Sonika has worked with FMCGs as a market nutritionist for over 4 years. Apart from her interest in everything food and nutrition, she also enjoys reading and travelling.

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